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MetricTrade Ltd

Metrictrade is a leading company in providing trading tools to individuals and financial institutions.

The company MetricTrade Ltd, founded in 2000 at Thessaloniki, Greece (under the name ZEUS Internet Applications Ltd and was renamed MetricTrade Ltd in 2010).

Since 2001, it has been providing solutions for the online trading in stocks and since 2004 for options and futures.

The early adoption of streamline operation for portfolios, trades and market data, along with the total quality of system allowed our company to dominate the Greek and Cyprus market in this area.

In 2003, the company became data feed vendor for the Athens Stock Exchange, in 2006 Cyprus Stock Exchange, in 2015 for the Nyse/Nasdaq Stock Exchanges and in 2017 for the London Stock Exchange.

Within a few years, the company became the largest data feed vendor of the Cyprus and Athens Stock Exchanges in number of terminals.

14 banks and securities companies use our systems to serve its customers, employees and its brokers.

Terms of Services


Data and other information are considered reliable, but MetricTrade does not represent that the Content (including information obtained from third party sources) is accurate, complete or error free, and it should not be relied upon as such.

MetricTrade Ltd, shall not be liable in respect of the accuracy and/or the completeness of the information/content and shall not have any liability for any errors, omissions, delays or interruptions in providing data. Data and other information available should not be considered as information sufficient upon which to base an investment decision.


All content and data provided is owned by or licensed to MetricTrade Ltd and may not be reproduced, transmitted or distributed without the prior written consent of MetricTrade Ltd.

Terms acceptance

If you do not agree to any of these terms, or the Privacy Policy, you must do not use our Services.

Privacy Policy


When you visit our company sites to order or to try products, to ensure ability to communicate with you is likely to be asked to register your information (eg name, phone, profession, email ). Any personal data anywhere in pages and services of our website's intended solely to ensure the operation the service and may not be used by anyone third, without complying with the provisions of Law on the protection processing of personal data, as in force each time. Some exchanges , with which our company has a contract, request or may request the submission of your data such as name, occupation and address to check the exchange fees for obtaining the stock information. For this needs our company must provide them your data for a time up to 5 years after the last use of stock market information.

Compliance with Legislation

Our business operates under existing Greek and EU legislation and protect the security of your personal data. Your data used solely by Metrictrade Ltd, to support, promote and execute the relationship with you. Data are deleted ten years after the end of the trading relationship or after your request.

Our Corporate Clients

Long-Term Client Relationships

For 20 years of serving financial industry no one of our customers has been replaced our systems with any competitive.