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MetricTrade LTD specializes in providing data feeds for the Athens Stock Exchange, the Cyprus Stock Exchange and for foreign markets.
It has been providing its services since 2001 in banks, brokerages, professional brokers and for personal use.
The main product of MetricTrade is the ZTrade trading and market monitoring platform.
For more than 20 years it has been and remains the most popular stock exchange application in Greece and Cyprus, thanks to the possibilities of stock analysis, the accuracy, the completeness of its data, and the high availability.
16 of the 24 of companies registered to the Athens Stock Exchange, banks and brokerages, daily use ZTrade as a trading platform for their clients, employees, and associates.
The ZTrade application can be run on a wide range of devices, including computers, phones, and tablets, with better performance, maximum security, and a simpler user interface.
The user can have up to 64 windows on their desktop, organized in 4 frames for up to 4 screens or up to 12 screens on a mobile device, with up to 2 windows at each.
The content of the windows and the features of the application are the same for all user devices.
ZTrade is a subscription-based application with different packages to cater to all needs. Please check the price list below.
A new user can install the application and through it select FREE TRIAL for 15 days of use.
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ZTrade is a multi-platform application, you can download it for Windows, Mac , iPhone, iPad and all Android devices.

If your personal computer is running a previous version that doesn't support Microsoft Store or Mac App Store you can run ZTrade using Java.

For more information and detailed instructions please visit our install page.

For any question regarding the use of ZTrade, please visit our Help Guide.

About Us

Our Story

The company MetricTrade LTD was founded in 2000 in Thessaloniki, Greece under the name ZEUS Internet Applications Ltd. It was renamed to MetricTrade Ltd in 2010. Since 2001, it has been providing solutions for online trading in stocks and since 2004 for options and futures. In 2003, the company became data feed vendor for the Athens Stock Exchange, in 2006 for the Cyprus Stock Exchange, in 2015 for the NYSE/NASDAQ Stock Exchanges and in 2017 for the London Stock Exchange.

Our Vision

Our vision at MetricTrade is to be a leading force in the world of trading, setting new standards of excellence and innovation. We are committed to delivering superior value to our customers, partners, and stakeholders by relentlessly pursuing opportunities, embracing cutting-edge technology, and fostering a culture of integrity and transparency.

Our Team

Our company employs a diverse and talented group of people who form a team that produces high-quality software and is constantly implementing new technologies to make our products more efficient. We have on-site tech support to guide you through the installation and proper use of ZTrade.

Long-Term Client Relationships

For 20 years of serving the financial industry no one of our corporate clients has replaced our systems with any competitive.

More than 60% of Greek Brokerage companies, representing 42% of AthEx Exchanges turnover, use the ZTrade trading platform.


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Price list

Terminal Cost

ZTrade One
✓ Historic Stock Market Data
✓ Financial Analysis
✓ Alerts via Notifications
✓ Desktop and Mobile Applications
✓ 2 Active Screens for 2 Devices

6 € / month
ZTrade Plus
✓ Historic Stock Market Data
✓ Financial Analysis
✓ Alerts via Notifications
✓ Desktop and Mobile Applications
✓ Unlimited Active Screens for Unlimited Devices

10 € / month

Real Time Subscription cost per market

Athens Stock Market Level 1


Athens Stock Market Level 5


Athens Stock indices


Athens Derivatives Level 1


Athens Derivatives Level 5


Cyprus Stock Market Level 5


You can customise your Subscription by selecting the ZTrade

option that suits you and by selecting the

Markets that interest you in the the Account page.

Monthly Prices in EUR, VAT is not included

Notes on VAT

For EU non-business customers: Your country's VAT rate will be added to the above prices.
Outside EU customers: VAT is not applied outside of the EU.
Business inside the EU with a valid VAT number (VIES validation passed):
Please send us your VAT number before payment to avoid the VAT charge.